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The Comprehensive ART course is a 5 week blended course which is aimed at building the capacity of the non physician prescribers including nurses and clinical officers to initiate and monitor patients on Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART)

By the end of this course, the trainees should be able to:

1. Diagnose HIV/AIDS

2. Stage the HIV disease correctly

3. Diagnose and treat the common opportunistic infections (OIs) in HIV/AIDS

4. Recognise Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome (IRIS) and differentiate it from the OIs.

5. Provide adherence counseling

6. Provide a holistic assessment of the patients while giving due consideration of the spiritual, social and economic issues that may impend the success of ART.

7. Start patients on 1st line ART

8.  Recognise drug toxicity and interactions

9. Recognise patients needing referral to the medical officer or to specialist care

10. Identify patients needing second line treatment

11. Identify performance gaps at their health units and work out intervention plans

Winfred Omuut
Solome Okware
Arnold Bakabweyaka
Walter Arinaitwe

Ruth Kikonyogo
Linda Namara
Lydia Nalule