ECHO Sessions

Case 1: Switch meeting

This case is of a 39-year-old male who started ART in 2011, was substituted in 2015 to TLE from CBV-N and switched in 2019 to CBV/ATV/r, however, though suppressed in 2020 while on this regimen, patient registered a very high VL of 2853 in 2021.

Case 2: Mortality audit – CM

This case is of a 50-year-old male who presented with persistent diarrhoea, septic wound, pustular skin eruptions and later had uncoordinated speech. Probable cause of death was cryptococcal meningitis or cryptosporidiosis.

Case 3: Disease Conditions – a Case of Tuberculosis

This case is of a 27year old female who presented with severe wasting, multiple septic wounds, on and off fevers, reduced appetite and acute headache. Several tests were done and patient was diagnosed and managed successfully.

Case 4: Non-Communicable Diseases in HIV

This interesting case is of a 46-year-old male who was on ART and later died of a stroke. The case highlights the necessity of a holistic HIV program that also incorporates managing of NCDs.

Case 5: A case of Advanced HIV (WHO Stage IV)

This is a case of a 32-year-old male, newly diagnosed HIV positive clinical stage IV who presented with profuse night sweats, non-blood stained productive cough, weight loss and evening fevers.

Case 6: A case of suspected DTG Induced Acute Liver and Kidney Injury

This is a case of a 45-year-old male who presented with history of severe abdominal pain of mild onset and gradual intensification, nausea, vomiting and a productive cough associated with night sweats, weight loss and fever.

Case 7: A Paediatric case of malnutrition in HIV

This case is a success story on the benefits of ART adherence and good nutrition in children. The case is of a 2-year-old who presented with on and off fever, cough, mouth sores, diarrhoea, skin rash, appetite and weight loss, malnourished as well as difficulty in breathing.

Case 8: A case of advanced HIV disease with Anaemia

This case is of a 37-year-old male who was referred with a diagnosis of advanced HIV disease with Anaemia. The case is a success story show casing how the patient was managed to the point of stability.