In light of COVID-19 outbreak and the new developments restricting movement to ensure social distancing and reduced transmission, it is important that we continue to build capacity but at the same time maintaining safety of the healthcare workforce. We have therefore gathered and also developed learning resources to support remote learning on key topics to protect healthcare workers from covid19 and other highly infectious diseases that may exist in various contexts.

In this section, we have resources on what COVID-19 is, the signs and symptoms, the facts, how to differentiate it from other respiratory tract infections as well as diagnostic testing for COVID-19.

To support your learning, we have developed several case scenarios on COVID-19. We encourage you to study the cases, answer the quiz questions even as you proceed.

Observing and practicing proper infection prevention and control measures is critical in the fight against COVID-19. In this section, we have compiled a series of IPC related resources.

The role of the laboratory in the fight against COVID-19 is critical. Among others, this includes; sample collection, packaging, transportation; sample management, lab result feedback mechanisms as well as information about hub collection centres.