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The TB Supervision Performance Assessment and Recognition Strategy (TB SPARS) is a TB performance improvement approach that looks at educational, managerial, recognition and regulatory strategies to ensure comprehensive TB management and care at health facility level.  

This approach was proposed to address TB care and performance problems like weak supply chain overstock and understock, unstructured supervision by the district TB and Leprosy Supervisors (DTLS), inadequate recording and reporting, analysis, and use of data at source.  

This is a modular course that targets all the five TB performance components: TB case management, laboratory procedure, TB infection control, logistics management, reporting and information systems.

These will be covered in seven modules that have been subdivided into 19 sessions.

Purpose of the course

The course aims to build the capacity of facility-level health workers in logistics and comprehensive TB management.

Specific course objectives

By the end of this course, trainees should be able to:

  • Describe the supervision, mentoring and coaching principles and specifically how to supervise and measure performance of the 23 indicators.
  • Explain problem analysis before identifying solutions.
  • Effectively communicate.
  • Describe the quality improvement (QI) principles.
  • Understand data management, especially analysis for decision making.
  • To screen, diagnose and treat patients with all forms of TB that include sputum smear positive and sputum smear negative pulmonary tuberculosis, extra pulmonary tuberculosis, tuberculosis caused by drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (M. tuberculosis) organisms, and tuberculosis combined with HIV infection and other co-morbidities.
  • To implement TB infection control practices in health facilities, communities and congregate settings.

Course roadmap

This is a blended online course with online sessions, video conferencing sessions and facility based practicum sessions.

This is a blended online course with online sessions, video conferencing sessions, and facility-based practicum sessions. Each week will be allocated a module and it’s expected that all the online sessions for that module will be done at the very first week. There will be weekly introductory interactive Zoom sessions to orient participants on the week’s module and these will be both facilitator and participant-led to encourage participation. The Zoom sessions will be recorded and can be re-watched later on if needed.

There will be a facility-based practicum session in the last week of the course to practice the health facility assessment using the supervision tool.

Course Evaluation:

The TB SPARS course evaluation will be in three parts:

  • Weekly quizzes will be conducted at the end of each module consisting of 10 multiple-choice questions (1 mark each) that will contribute 70% of the final mark. Quizzes must be completed by the end of each week (Sunday) before the closure of the particular module. The quiz has two attempts and the highest score will be recorded.
  • Weekly discussion forum will be held during which participants are required to post one submission regarding weekly discussion topic, and thereafter, thoughtfully respond to a classmate’s post (1.5 marks each week)). Vague and unthoughtful one-word responses like “YES” and “I AGREE” will not be considered. Discussions must be completed by the end of the week following the closure of the particular session. Active participation on the discussion forum as guided, will contribute a total 10 marks towards the final mark.
  • Participants are expected to attend 70% of the Zoom sessions and this will contribute 20% of the final course score.

Trainers’ description: Trainers will include central level NTLP staff and RTLFPs with expertise in the different areas of the course.


Certificates of completion will be awarded to trainees who participate in at least 70% of the online sessions and have a final score of 70% or more in the course assessments.


The eLearning team, Dr.Elizabeth, Dr. Paul Buyego and MoH- NTLP

Week 0

Orientation to the eLearning platform

Week 1

Module 1: TB case management

Week 2

Module 2: Laboratory procedure

Week 3

Module 3: Infection control

Week 4

Module 4: Logistics management

Week 5

Module 5: Introduction to CQI

Week 6

Module 6: Communication and mentoring

Week 7

Module 7: Monitoring and evaluation


The original course curriculum and content was developed for classroom delivery by the Uganda Ministry of Health. It has been converted into the online format by the e-learning team of Infectious Diseases Institute’s Training and Capacity Development department, with guidance from technical officers of the TB and Leprosy Control Program Ministry of Health. The content presented in this course has been extensively updated to reflect current Ministry of Health TB management guidelines.

This course is sponsored by the Kampala-Wakiso HIV Project (Accelerating HIV epidemic control in Kampala region of Uganda Under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief through scale up of evidence based and high impact interventions towards the achievement of UNAIDS 90:90:90 targets) funded by CDC-PEPFAR through cooperative agreement number 6 NU2GGH002022.

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