Welcome to the Group Antenatal Care Online Course!

Group Antenatal Care (G-ANC) is a differentiated antenatal care (ANC) delivery model intended to address the special needs of young mothers and keep them in care. G-ANC empowers young mothers to meet as groups, take their own observations (such as weight, height, mid upper arm circumference (MUAC) measurements), and share their motherhood experiences before attending routine individualized clinical assessment and examination.

This approach harnesses better health outcomes for the young mother during the antenatal care and postnatal care (PNC) periods as a result of attending their care in groups and giving birth with the support of skilled personnel.

This is a modular course that captures the unique MCH/PMTCT health care needs for pregnant and breastfeeding AGYWs and suggests friendly interventions tailored to meet these special needs.

The course will be delivered in eight modules that have been subdivided into 25 sessions.

Purpose of the course

The course aims to build the capacity of facility-level health workers in to addressing the unique health needs of adolescents and young women that include high-risk pregnancies, HIV/STIs and socio-economic challenges.

Specific course objectives

By the end of the training, participants should be able to:

  • Explain Group ANC/PNC services and how this approach differs from routine ANC/PNC.
  • Identify and enroll eligible clients for Group ANC/PNC.
  • Understand the early childhood development (ECD) services.
  • Lead adolescent-friendly ANC/PNC education sessions on all topics outlined in this curriculum including Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) education, ECD education and counseling.
  • Support clients to perform self-care activities for themselves and their infants.
  • Use the client’s ANC/PNC card to guide individual clinical assessments.
  • Provide individualised clinical care within the group while maintaining client privacy
  • Document G-ANC/PNC visits and activities in all the relevant M&E tools.

Course roadmap

This is an online course with online sessions, video conferencing sessions and facility-based practicum sessions.

Each week will be allocated two module and it’s expected that all the online sessions for the two modules will be done during that week. There will be weekly introductory interactive Zoom sessions to orient participants on the week’s modules and these will be both facilitator and participant-led to encourage participation. The Zoom sessions will be recorded and can be re-watched later on if needed.

There will be a facility-based practicum session in the last week of the course to practice the health facility assessment using the supervision tool and case scenario exercises.

Course Evaluation:

The G-ANC course evaluation will be in three parts:

  • Weekly quizzes will be conducted at the end of each week consisting of five multiple-choice questions (1 mark each) from each module that will contribute 70% of the final mark. Quizzes must be completed by the end of each week (Sunday). The quiz has two attempts and the highest score will be recorded.
  • Weekly discussion forum will be held during which participants are required to post one submission regarding weekly discussion topic, and thereafter, thoughtfully respond to a classmate’s post (1.5 marks each week)). Vague and unthoughtful one-word responses like “YES” and “I AGREE” will not be considered. Discussions must be completed by the end of the week following the closure of the particular session. Active participation on the discussion forum as guided, will contribute a total of 10 marks towards the final mark.
  • Participants are expected to attend 70% of the Zoom sessions and this will contribute 20% of the final course score.

Trainers’ description: Trainers will include National and MoH G-ANC trainers with expertise in the different areas of the course.


Certificates of completion will be awarded to trainees who participate in at least 70% of the online sessions and have a final score of 70% or more in the course assessments.


The IDI eLearning team; Dr Eve Ahairwomugisha, and Ministry of Health G-ANC trainers.

Week 0

Orientation to the eLearning platform

Week 1

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Adolescent Girls and Young Women, A Special Group

Week 2

Module 3: Introduction to Early Childhood Development

Module 4: Preparing and planning for a group visit

Week 3

Module 5: Service package for the AGYW enrolled in G-ANC/PNC at the health facility

Module 6: Community Facility Linkages: Demand Creation, Referral, Linkage and Retention

Week 4

Module 7: Data Management

Module 8: Quality Improvement in the context of G-ANC/PNC


The original course curriculum and content was developed for classroom delivery by the Uganda Ministry of Health. It has been converted into the online format by the e-learning team of Infectious Diseases Institute’s Training and Capacity Development department, with guidance from technical officers on G-ANC, Ministry of Health.

This course is sponsored by the West and West Nile HIV Project (Accelerating Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Service Delivery through Health System Capacity Building and Technical Assistance to District Health Teams and Health Facilities in Western and West-Nile Regions in the Republic of Uganda under the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) funded by CDC-PEPFAR.

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