Welcome to COVID -19 Infection Prevention and Control course!

The emergence and spread of a novel Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) has become a global health concern. The preventive measures put in place have affected running of routine activities including the health care education system.

Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI), a regional leader in global health security provides technical assistance to the Ugandan Ministry of Health in response and mitigation of outbreaks has developed a unique online COVID 19 course with key concepts and competences to maintain safety.

This COVID 19 Infection Prevention and Control online course is a training approach that looks at the control of the spread of COVID 19 disease during the usual routine face to face health care training in the health care institutions. This method is considered to address and stop the anticipated spread of COVID 19 among medical students, faculty staff and patients.

It is a four Lesson course that covers Introduction to COVID-19, COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control (IPC), Cleaning, Disinfection, Safe waste management and Sharps safety and Monitoring health care workers for COVID-19.

Purpose of the course

To build capacity of health workers/ students in training to practice safe precautions for COVID 19 prevention.

Specific course objectives

After successful completion of this course, trainees will be able to:

  • Quickly identify suspected COVID 19 suspects.
  • Demonstrate proper prevention practices for COVID-19.
  • Appreciate IPC structures and build routine IPC practice in the health facility.
  • Communicate about COVID 19 accurately.

Target Audience

This course targets all health care workers/students providing routine health services

Course roadmap

This is a self-paced, short online modular course divided into lessons.

Participants are expected to review the pre-recorded sessions and complete assigned readings and quiz.

Course Evaluation:

Participants are expected to complete the quiz. A score of 70% or more in the quiz is required. The quiz has one attempt..


Certificates of completion will be awarded after completion of the online lessons and quiz to trainees who score of 70% or more in the quiz. This certificate will be downloaded on the course website upon successful completion of the course.


The eLearning team, Dr.Elizabeth, Dr. Paul Buyego

Lesson 1

Introduction to COVID-19

Lesson 2

COVID 19 Infection Prevention and Control overview

Lesson 3

Cleaning, Disinfection, Safe waste management and Sharps safety

Lesson 4

Monitoring health care workers for COVID 19


The original COVID 19 IPC curriculum content was developed by the Ministry of Health, Uganda. It has been converted into the online format by the e-learning team of Infectious Diseases Institute’s Training and Capacity Development department. The content presented in this course has been extensively updated to reflect current Ministry of Health national guidelines for management COVID-19 guidelines.

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