The ART Access pharmacy sensitization course is designed to help health workers at local pharmacy levels to care for HIV positive patients who are on treatment and have been subjected to challenges of overcrowding and delays in their point of care service station. This course equips health workers with knowledge and skills to dispense ARVs,monitoring patients on ARVs, perform proper referral linkage, identify opportunistic infections and provide counselling in HIV.

A modular course that targets all aspects/forms of HIV care relevant to the health workers dispensing ARVs. The content will be covered in six modules.

Purpose of the course

The course aims to build the capacity of pharmacy healthcare workers by equipping them with basic up-to-date knowledge in HIV care.

Specific course objectives

By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Carry out proper patient referrals and linkages.
  • Identify patients experiencing poor adherence.
  • Manage simple common opportunistic infections.
  • Provide patient counselling.
  • Be able monitor patients on ARVs.

Course roadmap

This is a two weeks online modular training. It is self-paced. Each week will be allocated three modules, and it is expected that all modular assessments will be completed in the same week.

Course Evaluation:

Evaluation of the ART Access pharmacy sensitization course will be through the post test. You will be availed with only one attempt so ensure that you thoroughly read through the course materials.


Certificates of completion will be awarded and be downloaded by trainees who complete the post test and score 70% or more.

Trainer's Description

Trainers will include a team of experts from IDI, cutting across different disciplines of the course.

Dr. Balaba Martin


Dr. Paul Buyego


Dr Gingo Dorothy


Dr Eria Muwanguzi


Course Administrators

Ruth Kikonyogo

Linda Namara


Week 0

Orientation to the eLearning platform

Week 1

Module 1: Referral and Linkage, Principles of ART, Management of Opportunistic Infections

Week 2

Module 2: Adherence to ART, Best Counselling Skills in HIV Management, Monitoring Patients on ART


The learning content is part of the February 2020 guidelines in the comprehensive HIV course. It has been modified into the online format by the e-Learning team of Infectious Diseases Institute’s Training and Capacity Development department. The content presented in this course has been extensively updated to reflect current Ministry of Health guidelines.

This course is sponsored by the Academy for Health Innovations, Uganda Project, funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, under the COVID ACTION GRANT

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