The training of health workers in provision of friendly services for key, priority and vulnerable populations’ course is designed to help frontline health workers with critical skills, values, attitudes and knowledge to help them offer appropriate care to populations at higher risk of HIV.

Purpose of the course

The course aims to build capacity of frontline health workers in provision of friendly services to key, priority and Vulnerable populations.

Course objectives:

  • Increase participant’s basic knowledge about key, vulnerable and priority populations.
  • Improve the understanding of Participants of the key issues affecting key, vulnerable and priority populations in Uganda.
  • Equip Participants with critical skills and techniques for delivering friendly services to key, vulnerable and priority populations.

Trainers’ description: Trainers will include a team of experts from IDI, Population Council and Ministry of Health.

Course Roadmap

This is an online three (3) modular training. It is self-paced. Each week will be allocated one module and it is expected that all modular assessments will be completed in the same week. There will be weekly interactive video conferencing tutorials to wrap-up the week’s module.

Course Evaluation:

The course evaluation is in Four (4) parts:

  • Pre training and post training tests. The post-test will contribute 60% towards the final Mark.
  • Weekly quizzes will be conducted at the end of each module that will contribute 20% of the final mark. Quizzes must be completed by the end of each week (Sunday). The quiz has ONLY one attempt.
  • Weekly discussion forums will be held during which participants are required to post one submission regarding the weekly discussion topics, and thereafter, thoughtfully respond to a classmate’s post (1.5 marks each week). Vague and unthoughtful one-word responses like “YES” and “I AGREE” will not be considered. Discussions must be completed by the end of the week following the closure of the particular session. Active participation on the discussion forum as guided, will contribute a total 10% marks towards the final mark.
  • Weekly Zoom attendance will contribute to 10% of the final mark.


Certificates of completion will be awarded to trainees who participate in the discussions and have a final score of 70% or more in the course assessments.


Week 0

Orientation to the eLearning platform.

Week 1

Module 1: Basic knowledge about Key, Priority and Vulnerable populations

Week 2

Module 2: Key issues affecting Key, Priority and Vulnerable populations.

Week 3

Module 3: How to provide friendly services to Key, Priority and Vulnerable populations.


The learning content is part of the Ministry of Health training guide for provision of friendly services for key, vulnerable and priority populations 2019. It has been modified into the online format by the e-Learning team of Infectious Diseases Institute’s Training and Capacity Development department. The content presented in this course has been extensively updated to reflect current Ministry of guidelines and existing best practices.

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