IDI Courses

The Training & Capacity Development Programme offers high-quality, evidence-based classroom,
blended, and onsite training-as well as technical assistance-to build the capacity of health workers. Areas
of training include clinical courses, laboratory courses and systems & strengthening courses which are offered at a reasonable cost.

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Target audience

The courses target health workers and health managers who include medical and clinical officers, nurses, laboratory staff and counsellors among others.

Overall goal

The IDI courses aim to enhance and maintain the competence of the healthcare workforce in Africa, for
the prevention and management of HIV and other infectious diseases, with the aim of strengthening health systems in Africa.

Training schedule

The dates of the trainings are provided in our IDI Training Program Courses January-December 2016. The tuition fees per day are also included. Interested applicants can download the application and;

  1. Physically drop off the application,
  2. Mail the application, or
  3. Email us a scanned application. For our location and mailing address please see our Contact Us page.