Online Comprehensive TB Management Course 2019

Welcome to the online comprehensive TB management course! Ending the tuberculosis (TB) epidemic requires speedy adoption and implementation of the WHO End TB Strategy. Pillars 1 and 2 of this strategy focus on early detection, treatment and prevention for all forms of TB and engagement of all care providers (public and private) in the delivery of Tuberculosis care.

The International Standards for Tuberculosis Care describe a widely accepted level of care that all healthcare providers should achieve in managing patients who have, or are suspected of having, tuberculosis. Adherence to these standards facilitates the delivery of quality care for patients of all ages and the engagement of all healthcare providers, public and private in the delivery of TB services.The online TB management course has been drafted in line with the WHO international standards of TB care (ISTC) and Uganda national guidelines.

The course aims to build the capacity of frontline healthcare workers to screen and identify presumptive cases of TB, carry out a comprehensive clinical evaluation, have the confidence to make a diagnosis of TB, initiate treatment and participate in infection control activities at their respective health facilities and in the community.

The goal of this training

The goal of this training is to build capacity of frontline health practitioners in public and private settings to manage patients who are presumed to have tuberculosis, confirmed to have tuberculosis or are at increased risk of developing tuberculosis according to nationally and internationally accepted standards.

Course objectives

By the end of this course, participants should be able;

  • To screen, diagnose and treat patients with all forms of TB that include sputum smear positive and sputum smear negative pulmonary tuberculosis, extra pulmonary tuberculosis, tuberculosis caused by drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (M. tuberculosis) organisms, and tuberculosis combined with HIV infection and other co-morbidities.
  • To implement TB infection control practices in health facilities, communities and congregate settings.
  • To record and report TB activities using the recommended Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) tools.

Course description

This is a blended online course with face to face sessions at the beginning and at the end of the course and 6 weeks online experience covering a total of thirteen sessions. During the first one day face to face session; participants will be introduced to the course facilitators, receive orientation on the online platform, and receive an over view of the International Standards of TB Care. Participants will also receive orientation on relevant National Tuberculosis Program materials. During the 6 week online sessions, participants will be expected to listen to two session presentations every week and participate in one online discussion forum at the end of every week. During the final 2 day face to face session, participants will be allocated to clinical practicum placements- where they will receive hands on experience in the management of patients with TB and will review national recording and reporting tools used in the monitoring and evaluation of TB care activities. Participants will also be introduced to quality improvement approaches for provision of TB care services.

Course Evaluation:

The TB Management course evaluation will be in three parts;

physical post test evaluation will be done during the final face to face session and will contribute up to 70% of the final mark.

Weekly quizzes will also be conducted. Each quiz consists of 2 multi-choice questions worth 1 mark each contributing a total of 12 marks towards the finalmark. Quizzes must be completed by the end of each week following the closure of the particular session. The quiz has unlimited attempts.

weekly discussion forum will be held during which participants are required to post one submission regarding weekly discussion topic (1.5 Marks) and there after thoughtfully respond to a fellow classmates post (1.5 Marks). Vague and unthoughtful one word responses like “YES” and “I AGREE” will not be considered. Discussions must be completed by the end of the week following the closure of the particular session. Active participation on the discussion forum as guided will contribute a total 18 marks towards the final mark.

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