Local manufacture of Alcohol Based Hand Rub (ABHR)

Course Duration: Self paced
Delivery Mode: Online

  • Production: Laboratory and pharmacy staff and any other clinicians with interest
  • Quality control: Health facility leadership nominees-preferably Infection Prevention/WASH leads (the same applies to district level selections)

Course availability: Ongoing


The course on Local manufacture of Alcohol Based Hand Rub (ABHR) is designed to equip health facility staff with the skills to locally produce ABHR with a goal to increase its access and availability within healthcare facilities to contribute to hand hygiene compliance.
This course equips health workers with knowledge and skills on the modalities of local manufacture of ABHR, its contribution to hand hygiene compliance and reduction of healthcare associated infections.
The content will be covered in eight modules.

Course Aim

The course aims to build the capacity of healthcare workers by equipping them with skills for local production of ABHR.


This is an online modular training. It is self-paced. Each week will be allocated three modules and it is expected that all modular assessments will be completed in the same week. There will be weekly introductory interactive video conferencing tutorials to orient participants on the week’s modules.

Module 0

Orientation to the eLearning platform

Module 1

Background of ABHR production and hand hygiene

Module 2

Requirements and ingredients

Module 3

Selection of ABHR production unit

Module 4

Requirements and ingredients

Module 5

Quality Assurance

Module 6

ABHR Packing, Branding & Transportation

Module 7


Module 8

Regulatory requirements

Trainers will include a team of experts from IDI cutting across different disciplines of the course.

  • Fred Tusabe – Senior Technical Trainer
  • Maureen Kesande -Technical trainer
  • Francis Ociti – Technical trainer
  • Herbert Isabirye – Technical trainer
  • Sauda Yapswale – Technical trainer

At a glance

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