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The IDI courses aims at enhancing and building the technical capacity of healthcare workers in Uganda and throughout sub-Saharan Africa with emphasis on healthcare workers and other stakeholders whose work focuses on treatment, management and prevention of HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases.


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IDI offers high quality, evidence-based online and blended trainings as well as technical assistance to build the capacity of health workers and maintain the competence of the healthcare workforce. Areas of training include clinical, laboratory and systems strengthening courses.

Case Studies

Our case studies contain original patient case studies describing clinical observations related to care and treatment in resource-limited settings. They provide comprehensive, up-to-date information on treatment, prevention, and policy.

Advanced Treatment Information Centre (ATIC)

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  • HIV/AIDS (Paediatric an Adult)
  • eMTCT
  • Tuberculosis
  • Safe Male Circumcision
  • Malaria
  • Hepatitis
  • Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Nutrition
  • Family Planning
  • Laboratoy Investigations Dianostics
  • HMIS Reporting and Analysis
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Alumni Testimonials

IDI strives to remain relevant and excellent at course delivery. We specialize in designing state-of-the-art digital learning solutions suited to users in resource-constrained settings. Here are a few alumni who have completed trainings with IDI:
My experience at the IDI- Uganda was nothing short of extraordinary. The curriculum was designed with rigor and excellent practical training that put me in a position to confidently embrace my two week stints at IDI. - Maurice Mwanza, Zambia
My moment at IDI was quite enlightening. I enjoyed the interactive classroom sessions followed by clinical visits in the wards. The lecturers were quite competent and delivered succinct and updated HIV content. - Dr. Joram Sunguti Luke, Kenya
IDI is a well-organized. Their staff are good and very courteous. The courses held are educative and vast. My two weeks stay was worthwhile. The lectures were highly detailed. We had detailed practical sessions and hand on automation machines in the laboratory practice. - Joseph Bassey, Nigeria

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Building the Technical

The IDI courses aim to enhance and build the technical capacity of healthcare workers in Uganda and throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Targeting healthcare workers and other stakeholders