The Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI) is a Ugandan not-for-profit organisation, established within and wholly owned by Makerere University, whose Mission is to strengthen health systems in Africa with a strong emphasis on infectious diseases, through research and capacity development. IDI is a national and regional centre of excellence in infectious diseases programming. Training and Capacity development is one of the 6 major IDI programmes, visit for details.

IDI’s distance learning program was birthed in 2009 and is currently executed by the Learning Innovations Centre (LIC), a health information hub with the Training and Capacity Development Programme that specializes in designing state-of-the-art digital learning solutions suited to users in resource-constrained settings. In collaboration with the Uganda Ministry of Health and our mother institution, Makerere University, we have put in place standard operating procedures that guide several aspects governing how courses are designed, developed and implemented. The distance learning program has grown tremendously over the past years.