Comprehensive TB management, 3rd – 28th September 2024

Course Duration: 4 weeks
Delivery Mode: Blended
Eligibility: All health workers or TB clinic staff
Course Availability: Upcoming
Course fee: UGX 800,000, USD 215


Ending the tuberculosis (TB) epidemic requires speedy adoption and implementation of the World Health Organization (WHO) End TB Strategy. Pillars 1 and 2 of this strategy focus on early detection, treatment and prevention for all forms of TB and engagement of all care providers (public and private) in the delivery of tuberculosis care.

The International Standards for Tuberculosis Care describe a widely accepted level of care that all healthcare providers should achieve in managing patients who have or are suspected of having tuberculosis. Adherence to these standards facilitates the delivery of quality care for patients of all ages and the engagement of all healthcare providers, public and private, in the delivery of TB services. The Comprehensive TB Management course has been drafted in line with the WHO international standards of TB care (ISTC) and the Uganda national guidelines.

The course aims at building the capacity of frontline healthcare workers to screen and identify presumptive cases of TB, carry out a comprehensive clinical evaluation, have the confidence to make a diagnosis of TB, initiate treatment and participate in infection control activities at their respective health facilities and in the community.


This is a session course with illustrative PowerPoint sessions, videos, live tutorials and discussions.

Session 1

Introduction to TB

Session 2

Clinical presentation of TB

Session 3

Diagnosis of TB

Session 4

Management of Peadiatric TB

Session 5

Treatment and monitoring of TB Patients

Session 6

Contact Tracing

Session 7

Integration of HIV and TB services

Session 8

Diagnosis of drug resistant TB

Session 9

TB Infection control in health care facilities

Session 10

TB Preventive therapy

Session 11

Managing TB logistics

Session 12

TB screening in health facilities

ession 13

Recording and reporting

Trainers will include IDI and MoH NTLP trainers with expertise in the different areas of the course.

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4 weeks


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