Personal effectiveness and leadership training for research and Research Ethics Committees (REC) administrators

Course Duration: Self paced
Delivery Mode: Online
Eligibility: Restricted to Research Ethics Committee (REC) members
Course availability: Upcoming


This course was developed for training of research and Research Ethics Committees (REC) administrators on personal effectiveness and leadership knowledge, skills and attitudes that would enable you to work more efficiently and to overcome challenges in stakeholder relationships, thus helping to speed up the processing of research ethics applications.

This training addresses girls and women’s immediate and long-term health challenges resulting from violence at all times – both obvious and hidden.

The course targets all aspects and forms of violence that can be physical, sexual or emotional inflicted by a partner or any other perpetrator.

Course Aim

The course aims to provide knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable REC members to effectively manage stakeholder relationships and efficiently run the Research operations.


The PELS Programme is a three to four-month long blended learning course comprised of two highly interactive face to face or virtual classroom modules separated by a four- to six- week Intersession period back at the workplace, during which you will implement group Action Learning Projects (ALP) to address a pertinent issue affecting the research or REC efficiency and effectiveness, and interact with online materials on this Moodle platform. There are a total of 13 sessions to be covered.

Module 1

Session 0 Introduction to PELS Program

Session 1 Overview of REC Ecosystem and Processes

Session 2 Stakeholder Analysis

Session 3 My Role as a REC Administrator

Module 2

Introduction to Individual Learning Plan

Session 4 Personal Productivity

Session 5 Timely Problem Solving

Module 3

Introduction to Action Learning Project

Session 6 My Role as a Leader

Session 7 Influence Without Authority

Session 8 Effective Communication

Session 9 Effective Working Relationships

Session 11 Effective Feedback

Session 12 Conflict Management

Session 13 Customer Care

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Self paced


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