Research Dissemination and Visibility Course

Course Duration: Self paced
Delivery Mode: Online
Eligibility: IDI Staff and Stakeholders
Course availability: Restricted
Course fee per week: Free


The academic publishing world is changing significantly, with ever-growing numbers of publications each year and shifting publishing patterns. This increase requires vigilance to ensure that the research findings are disseminated to and utilized by their intended users and that the researchers and their works are promoted. Therefore, activities aimed at promoting research are increasingly important. Making research visible and accessible increases the chances of research being noticed, used, and having an impact, thus increasing researchers’ own reputation and chances of success in their academic work.

This training will build the capacity of the researchers at IDI and beyond to effectively and comprehensively disseminate their research output to intended users (fellow researchers, policymakers, and health practitioners), while their research becomes more visible for evidence-based health policy formulation and practice.
The training will cover two parts separately: research dissemination and research visibility.

  • Research dissemination, a planned process that involves consideration of target audiences and the settings in which research findings are to be received and, where appropriate, communicating and interacting with wider policy and other service audiences.
  • Research visibility, based on how easily discoverable your articles are, how often they are being cited, and by whom, and the risk consideration involved in sharing information online.

Course Aim

  1. To develop the capacity of researchers at the Infectious Diseases Institute and beyond to embrace various approaches in disseminating their research output for more visibility and impact.
    The following competencies are specifically targeted: To enable researchers to know and use the various avenues for disseminating their research output.
  2.  To enable the researcher to gain full credit on a paper, whether as an author or a contributor: creating and using Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) to distinguish one researcher from every other researcher out there uniquely;
  3. To enable the researcher’s works to get discoverable: enhancing the discoverability and visibility of one’s research – leading to greater readership, recognition, and impact.

Summary of course sessions

The curriculum will help researchers understand researcher identity ecosystems to make the best choices for themselves and their research. The hands-on 2-day course will focus on tools and techniques available to increase the dissemination and visibility of scholarly works. The following sessions will therefore be conducted:

Target Group

This training targets early, middle, and experienced researchers.

Course Materials

Training materials will be made available. Participants are encouraged to come with their laptops.


This is a self-paced course with PowerPoint slides, videos, Case –scenarios, and discussions.

Session 1

Introduction to research dissemination

Session 2

Strategies for research dissemination

Session 3

Introduction to press releases

Session 4

Policy briefs

Session 5

Introduction to research visibility

Session 6

Strategies for research visibility

Session 7

Bibliometrics and Altmetrics

Session 8

Factors that Hinder Research Dissemination and Visibility

Session 9

Risk management In Cyber Environment

Trainers include a team of experts from IDI cutting across different disciplines of the course.

    • ..

Elearning team

  • Research office members.

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