Resource Mobilisation, Grants, Financial Management and Compliance, 4th – 30th November 2024

Course Duration: 4 Weeks
Delivery Mode: Online
Eligibility: Professionals in both the public and not-for-profit sectors
Course Availability: Upcoming
Course Fee: UGX 800,000/USD 215


This course is designed to enhance the capacity of organisations to mobilise resources, manage grants, and ensure financial management and compliance.
As a course participant you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the processes of prioritising, planning, responding, and coordinating your organisation’s efforts to secure new and additional funding resources.
  • Improve your grants management and negotiation skills from initiation through to project closure.
  • Understand and apply financial management, reporting and compliance skills.
  • Learn how to document organisational best practices, policies and procedures for good stewardship of funder resources.


This is a session course with illustrative PowerPoint sessions, videos, live tutorials and discussions.

Module 1

Resource Mobilization

  1. Introduction to Resource Mobilization
  2. Resource Mobilization and Marketing
  3. Donor Mapping
  4. Development of Resource Mobilization Strategy
  5. Developing winning proposals
  6. Dos and Don’ts in resource mobilization

Module 2

Grants Management

  1. Roles and Responsibilities of Grants office
  2. Proposal development and submission
    • Administrative checklist
    • Budgeting processes
    • Project narrative
    • Content Review
    • Submission
  3. Pre- Contract
    • Feedback
    • Scope discussion
    • Budget Re-alignment
    • Contract review and negotiation
  4. Post contract management
    • Project Commencement (Recording keeping, Inception meetings, Recruitments)
    • Budget and expenditure tracking
    • Budget Re-alignment
    • Cost Recoveries modeling and sustainability
    • Reporting
    • Sub granting management
    • Programmatic and Compliance administration
    • Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  5. Grant closeouts
    • Closeout notification
    • Development of project end task list
    • Project Audits
    • Development of disposition plans
    • Final Project reporting and dissemination

Module 3

Financial Management and Compliance

  1. Financial management and reporting
  2. Cost Principles
  3. Compliance and Risk management
  4. Internal controls
  5. Internal and external audit
  6. Procurement and supply chain management

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